you areunique

but what about your website?

Is the uniqueness of your person and your business noticeable with just one look?
Does the visitor of your website get a clear understanding of you and your product?
When you look at your website, can you say from the bottom of your heart: Yes, that's me?


the first impression counts!

You have a maximum of 7 seconds to convince someone to stay on your website and read more about you or your product. Create a digital experience to impress your visitors at first glance.

need help?

My name is Stefan Selge and I'm a Web Developer and UX/UI enthusiast for more than 20 years. With my passion for beautiful and functional digital products, I love to create and develop intuitive and dynamic user experiences.

Contact me, if you need help in presenting your potential and uniqueness to all the people out there.

Stefan Selge
+49 173 880 69 34